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Shoflow is a simple tool that helps you keep track of the TV shows you love and discover new ones. Never miss another show.

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Whether online or on TV, there are no shortage of places to watch your favorite shows. For the Shoflow Team, it seems like we’re often taking advantage of all of them. This is why we’re super excited to announce the introduction of “where to watch,” the easiest way for you to see where your favorite shows are currently available to watch, no matter where they live.

Now when you visit your flow, you can quickly get caught up on the last episode that aired by clicking “watch last episode” and selecting one of the choices from the drop down menu.

But what if you want to go further back than just the last episode? We know that some of you like to watch groups of episodes or even full seasons all at once rather than waiting for every new episode to air. Or, that sometimes you’re a little late to the game and want to get caught up on a hit show even though it’s already on the second season. That’s why we’ve added “watch” links to every episode on the individual show pages. From your flow, just click the poster of the show you want to catch up on, and hit the watch link next to any episode to see which services are currently carrying that show.

We’re currently linking to Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu, and they will only appear as options if they actually have the show you’re looking for. We’ll even show you when a show is on Hulu vs. Hulu Plus, so you know when a subscription is required. Beyond these providers, we’re also working to source from more content providers all the time, so check back here for more updates and let us know what providers you’d like to see included!

Happy plugging!

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Initial draft of a potential pivot… coming soon. :)

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